Velocity -- as used in paintball -- refers to the measure of speed of a paintball once it exits the barrel, measured in Feet per Second (FPS).


It may be of interest to know how to convert fps (Feet per Second) into mph (Miles per Hour).

(fps) x 60 = (fpm)
(fpm) x 60 = (fph)
(fph) / (5,280 feet in a mile) = MPH


280fps x 60 = 16,800fpm
16,800fpm x 60 = 1,008,000fph
1,008,000fph / 5,280 = 190.90mph

The common speed barrier of most fields is 280fps, that is the equivalent of just over 190 miles per hour. Although you can exceed that velocity quite easily, DO NOT go over 300 fps as this is considered lethal.

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