• I live in A world full of liberal pansies.
  • My occupation is Doing shit you are too weak to do
  • I am chopper riding hardfuck

I prefer Woodsball. I run a decent gear bag.

  • Tippmann Alpha Black
  • Project Salvo Shroud
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Empire 48/3000 HPA
  • APEX2 or Invert Whisper
  • FogDoc
  • Rothco Woodland BDU
  • OD/Black Shemagh
  • Magnum Inteceptor 8.0 Combat Boots
  • Condor Tactical Vest
  • Empire/BT 3+4 Molle Harness
  • VForce PROfilers L.E. OD/Black
  • Valken Tactical Armr back gloves
  • Standard Gravity 200rd hopper
  • Lotsa more tactical goodness!
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