The most dangerous extreme sporting event in the world is paintball.

You are the paintballer and the men who play this extreme combat sport are the opponents.

Can paintball be played out?

Shoot one or more opponents in the first round of combat... OUCH! Whoever goes after the paintballers and their enemies must try to fire as many "paintballs" as they try as they go after the next opponent - be very careful of what every member of the paintball community is about to attack... one way or another!

Rounds two through five are about to be slammed by the opponents as paintballers try to shoot paint bullets at their rivals in an effort to score points.

Prepare to be blackballed by the rival paintball teammates!

Now, the next three rounds involver two paintball teams scoring points as they go head-to-head in extreme combat. Ready... aim... fire the paintballs!

Prepare for the next championship - the two paintball teams battle them out for the biggest paint bullet shootout ever. Wow! —Preceding unsigned comment added by BrianGun64 (talkcontribs) September 25, 2008

Prepared to be blackballed! Edit

I have posted this wiki concerning the rules of the game. —Preceding unsigned comment added by BrianGun64 (talkcontribs) September 25, 2008

needs work Edit

i have visited about 20 articles on this wiki and it needs to be expanded at lot.wikipedia has much longer pages on the same subject.and this is supposed to be the definite source of info for the great sport of paintball.the only reason i am using the talk page for the pain page is be- cause it is the only talk page on this whole wiki.this wiki could do so much better! —Preceding unsigned comment added by Ssj gogeta vs. broly (talkcontribs) July 11, 2009

Marker Info Box Edit

Hey, since I'm not an admin, I can't start projects. But I'd like for you to treat this like one. So here it goes:

I think a nice addition to the wiki would be to edit the Markers and add an infobox with the "Template: Infobox" provided in Edit mode. Then have these stats: Marker Name (header), Image (optional), Caption (optional), Model, Manufacturer, Price, Weight, Bolt system, Air Compatability, Action, and Caliber. To see an example, see the article "Tippmann 98 custom" which I made an infobox for.

Also can an admin make it so if you type in "Tippmann 98 Custom" instead of "Tippmann 98 custom", it doesn't redirect to the "To-Do List" I created. This was my fault for accidentally creating another 98C article and making the To-Do list over it. Thanks.

If anybody has question please ask me on my talk page please. Thank you Paintball Wiki Team,

Paintball Wiki Member,

Mr cowbell2(talk contribs)

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