Psycho Ballistics

cost & type

lightning $400

superbolt $149

Delta .68 $120

Silver Bullet LCD $199

Silver Bullet LED $170

Psycho Ballistics specialize in the parts you will need to turn your marker into a top performance machine, and new paintball guns that have received top reviewes for players around the globe. Their Delta 68 pistol is a high performance machine that comes with numerous high performance features for its price range. The Delta 68 has a the blast finish, customized Delta 68 Sticky Grip, True 45 Grip Frame, Patented Quick Release System, and Secure safety mechanism. Other paintball pistols in this same category include the PT Extreme from 32 Degrees, ACP from Araikon ZX Pistol from Core, and P99 from Real Action Paintball. The Psycho Ballistics Delta 68 has a low profile design that will allow players to squeeze through tight places, high-end aluminum frame, 12 gram C02 cartridge, and is ideal for scenario games and close quarters tactical training. Other pistols that are perfect for close quarters tactical training are the P5 from Game Face, the Piranha USP Pistol from PMI, and the Sig Saver 226 Paintball Pistol from Real Action Paintball.

Psycho Ballistics manufactures pistols, semi-automatic markers, and marker parts. Psycho Ballistics manufactures marker parts and marker accessories. Their marker accessory catalog includes a Spyder Bottom Line Adapter, Squeegee, Regulator, and the number of cradles and drop forwards. They have several gas through grips that are available in blue, green, purple, red, black, and silver. Psychos gas through grips will add more consistency to your marker from shot to shot, and will get you more shots out of your air tank.

Markers. Psycho Ballistics manufacturers of high-end mechanical markers and low-end electronic markers. Their low-end electrodes available for purchase include the Silver Bullet VCD and the Silver Bullet LED. The Psycho Silver Bullet LCD has an ultra-fast trigger pull handle and a long range for nailing unsuspecting players. The Silver Bullet LCD has a built-in custom sight rail, foregrip with regulator, rear velocity adjuster with lock, newly engineered ball detent, and customizable rate of fire. The Silver Bullet LED is put together with an advanced electronic trigger frame, low pressure chamber, custom anodizing and milling, and customized site rail. Other semis out of this same category include the Armotech, Recon 5 from Game Face, and JT Quatra. The JT Quadra has a custom aluminum grip frame and fully-adjustable foregrip regulator.

Psycho Ballistics makes the markers that will strike fear in your opponents, and the accessories to improve the machine you currently have. Check out Psychos Z-Drop Forward and their Pro-Blade Drop Forward.

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