In 1970, the first paintball markers were made. The Nelson paint company made them because the US Forestry Service needed a way to mark trees reliably from a distance. Charles Nelson moved to Crossman Arms thus the Nel-spot 707 the first paintball marker was created, a few years went by without successful sales. Then nelson moved to Daisy Arms where he made the ‘Splogehmarker’ also known as the ‘Nel-spot 007’. On June 7,1981 the first paintball game was played. It consisted of 12 players and playing capture the flag. Then in 1982, the first official paintball field was opened in Rochester, New York. The creators then wrote articles in Sports Illustrated and Times magazine. They soon got requests for the rules for the game. Then they called the game the national survival game or NSG. Then in 1992, the Nation Paintball Players League was founded. They distributed starter kits for the game. After this the paintball industry started to expand, multiple new companies were rising and new technologies were developed.