General DescriptionEdit

A form of gas used in the sport of paintball to propel paintballs from a marker. Nitrogen (or N2 for short) can be stored in Nitrogen or High Pressured Air tanks alike since both can hold very high pressures of gas. While N2 can be stored in HPA and N2 tanks, it cannot be stored in CO2 tanks due to the very high pressures of Nitrogen required to shoot which a CO2 tank simply cannot hold. Many high end guns require HPA or N2 to shoot.

Pros/Cons over CO2Edit

Pros -

  • Much more accurate and consistent than CO2.
  • Easy to read gauges that tell you how much air is remaining in your tank.
  • Uses less O-Rings over time.
  • More durable and light tanks.
  • Don't damage internals of the marker, unlike CO2 which turns into a liquid and leaks into the gun.

Cons -

  • Tanks cost much more than CO2 tanks
  • Less available to refill
  • Have less shots per fill than CO2