General DescriptionEdit

A protective device worn on the head to shield from injures, they uselly cover up the eyes with some form of plexi-glass, although some cover up the entire head.

Parts of the MaskEdit

The mask consists of a visor, lens, backstrap, and body. The visor helps protect the head of masks that only cover the face. The lens is a clear screen from which the player looks through. Lens should be cleaned every time they're hit and replaced every 3-5 months. Some lens are a special type called thermal lens, which are designed to prevent fog inside and outside the lens. The backstrap is the strap which keeps the mask from moving while on the players head. The backstrap should be tight enough that the mask stays in place but also comfortable on the players head. And the body is the large plastic piece that keeps all the other parts in place. The body should be an appropriate size to contain the other parts and the players head.

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