A bunker is an object that a player gets behind to lower their chances of being hit. Bunkers can be air inflated bunkers (Speedball), black tubing (Hyperball), or just a tree/group of trees (woodsball), or really anything the field owner can think of.


There a few types of inflatable bunkers, each having a different unique shape.

  • Snake - The snake is a very long bunker that a front player usually takes due to its ability to see the field from the side, it's easy to maneuver up the field behind, and you can shoot over the bunker easily which allows you to see the field more easily. But the snake comes with disadvantages. These disadvantages include; it's easy to be bunkered, and it's easy to be shot when you look out of the snake since more of your body is sticking out more than any other bunker, and it's very uncomfortable since you can't stand behind the snake.
  • Aztec - This is a bunker that is found near the back of the paintball field on each side. Back players use Aztecs since they can be get to the quickest at the break, and they're very big thus provide great cover.
  • Dorito - Doritos are normally found all around the field but limiting to about 4 bunkers across the whole field. Doritos are very difficult bunker to learn to use since it's a very strange shape but once mastered, the player becomes a dangerous player since they can get very close to the bunker and see most of the field. Usually played by front players.
  • X - Not really a played bunker but you can sometimes see a player using it near the end of the game.
  • Can - A nice midfield player since a few are located generally around the between the start and the X. This allows them to easily take positions that need filling.