The "Bob Long Victory", often referred to as a "Marq Victory", is an inline open bolt poppet. Designed specifically for paintball, and manufactured by Bob Long Technologies.

This marker was designed with tournament play in mind, so does not feature any milsim aspects.

Bob Long Victory


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Description Edit

The Victory was designed for speedball and tournament play, it is an appealing choice for player choosing a high end marker because of its favorable characteristics of being a very smooth shooting marker considering the poppet valve design, and its excellent efficiency, often managing 11 140 round pods from a 68/4500 HPA tank.

There are a range of upgrades available for the Victory, which include the Supercharged engine (not fitted on the first run of Victory's, but later applied to all models stock due to reliability issues) which increases its efficiency by allowing the pressure of the Low Pressure Regulator to be lowered. The 4C eye system is also available as an aftermarket upgrade, which can increase the maximum balls per second to 25+.

The Victory features a tool-less bolt removal system, where the user lifts up a magnet catch at the back of the gun, and from there the entire engine can be pulled out for easy cleaning and maintenance. This is a new feature, and older Marq's needed an allen key to remove the engine.

The marker also uses a hose less design, rather than the traditional layout of having a piece of macro-line carry air from the ASA to the inline regulator, the air is carried through air passages in the grip frame, and travels through the body of the gun to get to the regulator. This design however has its shortfalls, the marker is known to have the possibility of leaking when the users air-tank system is outputting above 600psi, because of this Bob Long Technologies recommend a low pressure output where possible.

Ripper Victory Edit

The Ripper Victory is a Victory with more aggressive milling, and is available in very limited quantities. It is available at $1500, and can be requested in custom anodizing colours. The markers changes from the standard Victory include updated Bob Long branded wrap around grips rather than panel grips, different and more aggressive milling, a two piece Bob Long Tournament barrel and a "gat wrap" rather than coming in a box. It grew from then on.

Features and specificationsEdit

  • Short reg
  • Tool-less engine removal
  • Quick disconnect bolt
  • Hose-less air design
  • Stock barrel length: 14in (355.5 mm)
  • Caliber: 0.68 in (17.3 mm)
  • Cyclic rate: 30+ Cycles per second
  • Weight: 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)
  • Available Colors: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black, Lime/Black, Silver/Black, Teal/Black
  • Warranty: 1 year


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