Apocalypse paintball is a Paintball field Near Poynette Wisconsin. It is on 50cres. It is mostly Woodsball and scenario maps, Yet there is a hyperball and airball field. The fields there are as noted. 10 man field 1, 10 man field 2, castle,( a 14 story tall castle) Tower,(a world war one trenches with a huge center tower and pillboxes.), terrorist training camp, firebase,(a huge Bunker surronded by A destroyed village), the air feild, land brindge,( a stretch of land going in between two swamps.) and numeroous small team fields! So if your looking for a blast and live in wisconsin swing on by and grab a few welts.


In addition to having games, they run a small store which rents out guns for the day, sells hoppers, tubes, bods, squeegees. They also Given the right time will have guns for sale. They also sell equipment for airsoft.